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Foto from concert - KyivMusicLabs24th of May in the House of Actor there was a concert of ancient spanish music. The guests heard the original music of medieval Spain, and learned many interesting facts from the history of the state Al-Ándalus. The ensemble “Taráb Andalusí” impressed the audience not only by a brilliant playing on the ancient eastern instruments, but generally consummate action, when each became the part of it.

From the first minutes of being in the House of Actor the guests were brought away to a vulnerable journey, during which they were able to experience the flavor of the East in a variety of manifestations. The action started even before the concert with the Andalusian tea. Those, who desired, were treated the oriental sweets, baked according to traditional recipes, and the exquisite moroccan tea.

The ensemble “Tarab Andalusi” – is a unique phenomenon in the Ukrainian music. Its peculiarity is that the ensemble specializes in Eastern musical traditions. Musicians are the real virtuosos of playing the old medieval oriental and ethnic instruments. Konstantin Krasnoukhov – a brilliant guitarist, and, moreover, an expert in southern Spanish culture – was singing, playing the ud and the latin guitar. Elena Shykura is called “charming voice” of the ensemble. Other performers are also masters of their craft: Orhan Agabeyli specializes in eastern percussion, Maxym Berezhnyuk – on the old wind instruments, Mikhail Kachalov masters the ancient techniques of playing the bowed strings and the multi-instrumentalist Oleksa Kabanov is called the orchestra-man.

So, what amazing did the musicians present this time? In the performance “Tarab Andalusí” featured songs of the spanish middle ages, and in between songs – the explanations for each period of the history of Al-Ándalus (as each period was characterized by distinct musical and poetic motiffs). The visitors learned about how the tradition of romantic poetry was established in Al-Ándalus, and how it was adapted by the christian culture. For example, in the thirteenth century. there was a mix of eastern romantic motif with a christian Virgin Mary worship.

Фото з концерту - KyivMusicLabsAlso the musicians performed folk songs of the fourteenth century – the era when the upcoming transition from medieval to Renaissance tradition was approaching. It was also interesting to hear the songs of sephards (i.e. the Jews of Granada). The concert program impressed the audience with a combination of jewish melodies with arab-spanish motifs. As it turned out, that muslims have taught the Europe with the art of romantic poetry. In the VIII century they brought the romantic song culture to Al-Ándalus. And from Spain, it then traveled through Europe. This, incidentally, also applies to the antique musical instruments supply which also did Al-Andalus.

The ensemble tried to create an atmosphere that would allow the audience to feel like guests of not just a concert, but also of Al-Andalus. And they succeeded. The evening went out really special. The musicians of “Tarab Andalusi” did impressed the guests with a fabulous mood. Every detail was special, and all this together created a wonderful atmosphere. The evening could not avoid traditional modern society elements of sale. Formally, of course, there was established some price of the buklets and the treatment, but also the guests were asked to donate some money for the future development of the project. And such a project is simply worth continuing to exist!

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