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Foto from concert - KyivMusicLabs24th of May in the House of Actor there was a concert of ancient spanish music. The guests heard the original music of medieval Spain, and learned many interesting facts from the history of the state Al-Ándalus. The ensemble “Taráb Andalusí” impressed the audience not only by a brilliant playing on the ancient eastern instruments, but generally consummate action, when each became the part of it.

From the first minutes of being in the House of Actor the guests were brought away to … More »

VIDEO: TV-reportage from PravdaTut channelThe Kiev House of Actor for a few hours turned into a cradle of ancient Spanish music: the ensemble “Taráb Andalusí” performed authentic spanish motives. The artists call themselves not only musicians, but also the researchers. They play on ancient ethnic musical instruments. They say that such music has sounded in Ukraine for the first time.

“Taráb Andalusí” is a unique group of musicians for our country … More »

Foto from the concert - UMMA.UAOn May 24, Kyiv hosted a concert of the ethnomusical group “Taráb Andalusí». At this time, the musicians presented the program “Music of Al-Ándalus” – the music of medieval Spain of the times, when it was ruled by the muslims and the berbers.

The ensemble, consisting of six skillful musicians, not only performed the music of mysterious Al-Andalus on the authentic musical instruments, but also … More »


AGENDA – Kiev – 24 May 2015 – 19:00

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HOUSE OF ACTOR, Yaroslaviv Val str. 7

A concert-tale about music, musical instruments, poetry, languages and culture of medieval Spain under muslims rule (711-1492).

VIDEO: Interview for 'Socialna krayina' TV-channel 15.05.2015Interview of the ensemble leader Konstantin Krasnoukhov 15.05.2015 for the TV-channel ‘Socialna krayina’ about the program ‘Music of Al-Ándalus’ and about the future concert on 24th of May in Kyiv.

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