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VIDEO: CÓRDOBA from 'Music of Al-Ándalus'The piece CÓRDOBA from the program ‘Music of Al-Ándalus’ on the motives the same-name piece of Isaac Albeniz interpreted by the modern spanish composer Roque Baños and arranged for the medieval music ensemble by the spanich group CINCO SIGLOS. The original version of this piece has been originally exclusively recorded for the film “Iberia” of the famous spanish motion picture producer Carlos Saura. (watch the original film).

The modern theme, composed by Isaac Albeniz at the end of XIX century inspired by the visit of Cordoba, is interpreted at the same time in several medieval spanish music styles – moorish-arabic, early christian Renaissance and in the mixed styles of christianized muslims (mudejars) and the moriscos. This is the tremendous example how strong is the impact of Al-Andalus music onto the musical art of Spain nowdays.

Video-fragment from the concert of 18 March 2015 in Kiev. Used instruments (left to right):

  • ash-shabeba (axabeba), early Renaissance recorder-flute, XV century
  • viola (spanish medieval fiddle), XIV century
  • latin guitar (guitarra latina), XIII century
  • arabic ud (el-aud)
  • the earliest wheel lyra – organistrum, XI century
  • arabic bendir (tar in Al-Andalus)

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