TARÁB ANDALUSÍ » Ancient music of Andalucia presented in Kiev (TV-reportage)

VIDEO: reportage from NTDTV channelThese ancient motifs – a synthesis of East and West. Kiev ensemble “Taráb Andalusí” acquaints the listeners with the music, poetry and culture of medieval Spain of the muslims period.

[Konstantin krasnoukhov, musician]:
«Today we play music of Al-Ándalus. This country existed on the territory of Spain from VIII to XV century. It was a muslim country when the muslim rulers controlled part of the Spanish territory».

This concert is the acquaintance not only with the music of islamic Spain. it is rarther a journey into a unique country, which at its time affected the history of the whole Europe.

[Konstantin Krasnoukhov, musician]:
«Of christian musical instruments, we can see this wonderful small one, which was called ‘latin guitar’, of the XIII century. This is one of the early guitars, as such… Another instrument, which is now better known as fiddle, in Spain was called viola».

Konstantin Krasnoukhov, the founder of the ensemble, at a certain moment of time switched from a spanish flamenco guitar to the arabic ud – the european lute predecessor. He says the ancient musical instruments produce a very different sound.

[Konstantin Krasnoukhov, musician]:
«Music by itself comes out from this instrument as a sort of its memory, of some ancient culture. You just cannot pick it up and start playing any contemporary music…».

These musical instruments – a true marvel. Many of them are from the collection of Alexey Kabanov, a ensemble musician. He says the ancient instruments have not only a more delicate sound, but are even able to heal.

[Alexey Kabanov, musician]:
«All the studies about the influence of sound on a human being indicate that the sound, which has more overtones, may serve the health recovery purpose. Hence this is very useful particularly to listen to the ancient music».

Perhaps, that is why today at a concert the hall is almost full with the listeners.

The songs in Latin and Arabic, the poetry of the Spaniards and the Moors, about love and about the God – this music – at the junction of centuries, cultures and nationalities – may open up new secrets and show what the Europe was before the Renaissance.

Source: http://ntdtv.ru/novosti-ukrainy/drevnyuyu-muzyku-andalusii-predstavili-v-kieve

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