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VIDEO: TV-reportage from PravdaTut channelThe Kiev House of Actor for a few hours turned into a cradle of ancient Spanish music: the ensemble “Taráb Andalusí” performed authentic spanish motives. The artists call themselves not only musicians, but also the researchers. They play on ancient ethnic musical instruments. They say that such music has sounded in Ukraine for the first time.

“Taráb Andalusí” is a unique group of musicians for our country. They are united by a passion for ancient medieval motifs and ethnic musical instruments. The unique feature of the ensemble is that all music is performed on the musical instruments of the era when they were first created. Here you can hear the playing on the darbuka, the arabic flute “ney”, the medieval violin “viola”, the turkish guitar “baglame”. These instruments provide outstanding authentic, and, sometimes incendiary motifs.

The name of the ensemble is not accidental: “tarab” in the ancient Arabic meant the “musical extasy”, a special state of the music listeners when they were fully captured by it. That state brought the highest level of satisfaction. This feeling is present not only in the fast themes, but also in lost of fascinating and delicate ones, which are accompanied by the impressive female vocals.

In order to concert visitors could fully plunge into the atmosphere of the spanish middle ages, they were treated the andalusian tea, and told the story of that era.

[Konstantin krasnoukhov, musician]:
«Today we present you our program ‘Music of Al-Ándalus’. It was a country that existed on the territory of Spain at the time of the muslims conquest… Muslims brought to Spain a lot of culture, mainly musical instruments, and even developed a separate branch of arabic music in Spain – called the andalusian music school”

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CHxtmMrLTE

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