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Music – is a source of joy for a wiseman, it can cause the good thoughts in people, it deeply penetrates into their consciousness and easily change the manners and customs … (Xunzi)

Foto from concert (1) - STENA magazineThe great sages of our civilization – Pythagoras, Aristotle, Plato, yet at their times, indicated and bequeathed to the descendants to pay attention to therapeutic and healing effect of music. They believed that the music establishes the order in the universe, and also heals the broken harmony in human bodies. And it is so, and even more – music, as one of few arts, helps to experience a lot of feelings, emotions, to see and to experience the images created by her… That was our feeling June the 17th in the House of Actor, when we were listening to “Taráb Andalusí” ensemble. In addition to stunning music and harmony, there was the story of music, musical instruments, poetry, language and culture of medieval Spain of the Muslim period (711-1492), and furthermore – a feeling of co-participation and complicity to the beauty. After these concerts we went out not only filled, but washed by pure and awesome light and sound, realizing the greatness of human life and the creativity, its role in our lives, and its power…

Foto from concert (2) - STENA magazineAlso before the concert and during the intermission a delicious Andalusian tea was served by the famous Kiev orientalist Dmitry Mazurenko, who entertained the guests and participants of the concert with the ancient Moorish tea recipes and handmade sweets. The aroma of the tea and a light scent of peppermint for a long time sustained in the hall.

The concert was performed by true wizards playing on ancient ethnic instruments: Konstantin Krasnoukhov (vocals, ud, latin guitar) – the author and artistic director of the project, Elena Shikura (vocals, latin guitar), Mikhail Kachalov (viola, shabeba), Maxim Berezhnyuk (ney , shabeba), Oleksa Kabanov (salterion, sanfons, moorish guitar, oud, tarija, organistru), Orhan Agabeyli (darbuga, bendayr, other percussion).

During the concert, it seemed that the healing power of music flowed into the hall – it is deemed to be proved that the impact of certain sound might change our lifestreams. And yet there were the images, where the history of several centuries flashed before the eyes, and there was a feeling of the experienced, of the surpassed and lived story. The images, which followed one by another with the music, also plunged us into the atmosphere of fairy tales and stories. On the wall, it looks like by magic, once appeared the images of Granada, then the Arabic scripts, the ancient frescoes of the Spanish monarchs… And also the concert and the group were eloquently introduced by the representative of the Spanish Embassy…

This is the amazing world of human being, the world of our experience and history, which is imprinted into our genetic code, and when a certain sound vibrates, they climb up from the depths of our genetic memory, and this memory gives birth to the IMAGES…

Foto from concert (3) - STENA magazine

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