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Foto from the concert - UMMA.UAOn May 24, Kyiv hosted a concert of the ethnomusical group “Taráb Andalusí». At this time, the musicians presented the program “Music of Al-Ándalus” – the music of medieval Spain of the times, when it was ruled by the muslims and the berbers.

The ensemble, consisting of six skillful musicians, not only performed the music of mysterious Al-Andalus on the authentic musical instruments, but also showed the development of the medieval music in general, including songs of the troubadours of southern France and the music of early Renaissance.

According to the ensemble artistic director Konstantin Krasnoukhov, the era, which is reflected in this music, was characterized by peaceful co-existence of christian and muslim cultures, their interpenetration of each other – the creative synthesis, which is still invisibly present in all spanish art. At the end of the concert the musicians, as if proving that thesis, played an outstanding piece of the spanish composer Isaac Albeniz “Cordoba”.

The concert attended by many visitors, many of them being the foreigners. It is not surprising, because the ensemble is a almost unique one in Ukraine specializing in this kind of music. A special artistic atmosphere of that event was given by the traditional Andalusian tea tratment – every visitor had an opportunity to enjoy the fragrant Andalusian tea.

Source: http://umma.ua/uk/news/ukraine/V_poiskah_utrachennoy_muziki/31641

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