VIDEO: Interview for 'Socialna krayina' TV-channel 15.05.2015Interview of the ensemble leader Konstantin Krasnoukhov 15.05.2015 for the TV-channel ‘Socialna krayina’ about the program ‘Music of Al-Ándalus’ and about the future concert on 24th of May in Kyiv.

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VIDEO: CÓRDOBA from 'Music of Al-Ándalus'The piece CÓRDOBA from the program ‘Music of Al-Ándalus’ on the motives the same-name piece of Isaac Albeniz interpreted by the modern spanish composer Roque Baños and arranged for the medieval music ensemble by the spanich group CINCO SIGLOS … More »

VIDEO: Fragments from the concert 'Music of Al-Ándalus'Video fragments from the concert of 1 March 2015 in Kiev.


FOTO: Our instruments

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What we playUd (1)Ud (2)Ud (3)Ud (4)Organistrum (1) … More »

VIDEO: 'Music of Al-Ándalus' presentationWatch a short video-presentation of our new program and audit-recording from our repetion, which we share with you on this Valentine’s Day (((as we fell deeply in love with our music, and all our songs are about love too :) )))